getting started

We'll first meet and discuss your interest. I'll gain an understanding of what it is that you want, I'll offer to you options and pricing, and then we'll get started.

finished product

"What do I do with what I get?"

No matter what kind of application you're wanting to use your video for, I can help the transition process. I'm a certified webmaster and can help you optimize and install.

Your job will be completed and initially delivered to you in broadcast quality on DVD or any other format desired.



duck out of water?

"I feel like a duck out of water with this"

Many have come to me with concerns of not knowing exactly what it is that they want. Video Promotions is relatively new and unexplored, not to mention pricey.

I have you covered! It's my job to ask you the right questions and learn your business. That's my forte. And with your venue and my artiste, we're a winning team. And I do mean team. We'll no doubt create something powerful and effective for you.