my mission statement

My aim is to capture the attention of your potential client, and then to instantly raise their curiosity about you and your product or service. This will have a positive affect on your bottom line.

video power

My experience in observing the affects of my productions on viewers is astounding. It seems that no amount of text, graphics or even personal demonstrations can come close to the impact of a 30-second "packed" production viewed on the viewer's own turf.

Your Power Clip video works for you 24/7, and using the power of the Web combined with the magic of a well produced promo video only enhances your marketing efforts.


101 uses

Let's talk. Let's dream and explore all the ways that you can incorporate video marketing into your gameplan. From client testimonials to your own "words to the world". From displaying your products and their working parts to showing you personally in action. The possiblities are endless and powerful!

You can embed your new promo video onto your website boost it on your FB page, create an email campaign...the uses are endless!


Don't worry about the How. Leave that to us. You can involve yourself as little or as much as you desire. Our aim is to bring more business to your door, and that's what we're good at.